Using blockchain technology and metaverse resources, Pantheon offers a know-how model for art transactions.


Pantheon Registry

Pantheon Registry is a global, public ledger in blockchain that contains all the verified artworks that were registered and all transactions they were involved in. Just like a bank ledger, the art works ledger provides a safe and comprehensive way to ensure authenticity, ownership and provide transactions traceability. By using blockchain technology several problems involved in art transactions are seamlessly solved:


– the ownership is immutable;

– the transactions traceability is public and therefore authenticity can be easily verified;

– the identity of the buyer or seller is private, and only them have the option to disclose it.

Pantheon Museum

Pantheon Museum is a 3D virtual museum for displaying art. Classic or new, digitally created or digitally imported, if it’s worth looking at, you will find it in the Pantheon Museum.

Displaying of art in a 3D environment creates a more immersive experience for the viewer.

Compared to the physical realm, in Pantheon Museum you can:

  • get “dangerously” close to any painting or sculpture and be able to observe it’s texture and colors, paint layers, or the artist’s unique style;
  • spend as much time as you want admiring it, there will always be just you and the art piece with nothing interfering in this connection;
  • look at it from various angles or you can even take a look at the back of a painting to explore it’s unique stamps of provenance;
  • admire art that can be hardly displayed in another environment, like animation;
  • and more than anything, have the privilege to admire art from private collections that is seldom displayed publicly.

Pantheon Marketplace

Pantheon is organizing and mediating a marketplace for trading art related NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for physical and digital artworks. The NFTs can be traded either directly (by the owner) or through an intermediary (art dealer, auction house, etc).

Pantheon will protect the intellectual property and financial interests of all those involved in a transaction, that may be any number or mix of: author (artist), art dealer (seller), art expert (that certifies the authenticity of the artwork), curator (the promotor of art), art fair (event organizer).