Pantheon is an enabler that unites artists,  experts, art collectors, auction houses, art galleries, curators, museums, art fairs in a single place, guaranteeing quality and certifying ownership. 


We firmly believe that these are the key pillars of all high impact projects.

The potential of the Pantheon derives from our willingness to establish trust among the participants in the art industry’s ecosystem and to creatively apply the power of blockchain technology therein while taking into consideration the necessities and the best interest of each one of them.

Cristian Anghel

Founder, CEO
Art collector, auction house CEO and founder (for the last 9 years) with professional experience of 5 years in stock exchange markets and more than 10 years in insurance/reinsurance markets.

Tudor Rus


Over 17 years of experience in projects and team management in web projects development with focus on analysing client’s needs and deliver results.

Pekka Varis

Visual Developer Pantheon Museum

I am professional web designer and video expert focusing on Nvidia Omniverse. I am very fast on field, effective and my skill set is broad and wild.

Roberto Kaplun

Engine Developer Pantheon Museum

I am an engine programmer and entrepreneur in new technologies with a goal to generate new experiences that users enjoy allowing me to learn and improve as a developer.

Francisca Raut

Sales Manager

I’ve been trying for so long to change my formation but it seems so solid that I just couldn’t get rid of ART so easy, it’s just hanging in, right on my tail. Another imperfection is the fact that I’m an activist on behalf of the Roma community and a life-long libber and when those two meet, oh man…it’s double TTrouble!…Otherwise, I’m the milk of human kindness.

Anandi Sheladiya

Principal Developer Pantheon Registry

Founder of TechNomads with expertise in requirement/technology analysis and a total of 5 years of experience in the IT industry.

Tanja Klose

NFT Wizard
After traveling for a while, I became a freelance digital artist and graphic designer currently living in Germany. As an artist I share the beauty of the world and try to show new perspectives through my collages made out of my own photos. As a graphic designer I utilize this passion and my skills to help other people to share their vision visually with the world. I am particularly fascinated by creating a link between the physical and digital worlds and making such valuable physical art digitally accessible worldwide.